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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UNT Students Resources

Oh, how I love UNT and all the wonderful things being a student here has done for me! Transitioning from high school to college was a simple task for me because I took advantage of the student resources on campus. UNT has many help centers and labs in different subjects to help students understand concepts and give them extra assistance.  The graduate assistants in the labs are knowledgable and friendly, and most of the labs are open during the weekend! If you are feeling uneasy about a certain subject please visit a help center today!  See the list compiled below.

Learning Center (http://www.unt.edu/lc)
Union 323
Provides speed reading and study skills classes, speed reading and study skills by computer, Volunteer Tutors, Supplemental Instruction, Supplemental Tutoring, and referrals to campus-wide resources. The Learning Center provides UNT students with FREE, live, interactive tutoring through SMARTHINKING.com. This service connects students to qualified e-structors (online tutors) anytime, from any Internet connection.

Math Laboratory (http://www.math.unt.edu/mathlab)
General Academic Building 440
Provides short-term tutoring with homework and/or test preparation. The Math Tutor Lab serves students enrolled in UNT Math classes at the 1000-2000 level (except 2510-2520),including UNT students enrolled in NCTM 331, 351, and 371. If you are enrolled in one of these classes, you are eligible to utilize Math Lab services.

Writing Center (http://www.unt.edu/writinglab/)
Auditorium Building 105
Provides free tutoring and workshops with individualized and group work in all areas of writing. Grammar and writing questions? Open Monday through Friday, from 9-5 in AUDB 105. Also open Monday through Thursday night from 6-10 on the first floor of the Willis Library.

Discovery (Student Support Services Office) (http://www.coe.unt.edu/discovery/)
Highland Hall 201
Tutoring in various subject areas, personal and academic counseling, study skills instruction and career planning for students who qualify for this federally funded program.

History Help Center
Wooten Hall 220
Provides tutoring for history classes, advises students in writing of term papers and monitors history make-up tests.

Economics Tutoring Center (http://www.econ.unt.edu/?TutorLab-Lessons)
Hickory Hall 266
Provides free tutoring for principles of economics for current students.

Accounting Lab (http://www.coba.unt.edu/lab/tutor.php)
Curry Hall 311
Provides free tutoring in accounting for current UNT students.

Chemistry Resource Center (http://www.chem.unt.edu/crc.htm)
Chemistry Building 231
Provides tutoring for chemistry, especially organic and introductory courses. Also contains a resource library.

Physics Instructional Center (http://www.phys.unt.edu/PIC/index.htm)
Physics Building 209
Offers a multi-media center with computer-aided instruction to assist students in completing their physics lab during any open hours.
Other useful campus resources

Counseling and Testing Services (http://www.unt.edu/cat/)
Chestnut Hall 311
Provides confidential, professional, short-term (8 sessions per academic year) psychological counseling to currently enrolled students. Counseling is available for the areas of educational, vocational, marital, emotional and personal adjustment and development for UNT students. Counseling and Testing services also serves as a national testing center and computer-based testing site for the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and CLEP. The computer based testing is located in the Gateway Center 140, 369-7617.

Office of Disability Accommodation (http://dos.unt.edu/oda/index.cfm)
Union 321
Assists students with ADA-related concerns, educational access and accommodation. Makes referrals for diagnostic evaluations.

Financial Aid Office (http://essc.unt.edu/finaid/)
Eagle Student Services Center 228
Applications; processing and awarding of federal and state financial aid - loans, grants, scholarships, work programs.

Career Center (http://careercenter.unt.edu/)
Chestnut Hall 103
Information, screening and referral for part-time on-campus jobs; computerized information about off-campus and summer job openings. Interactive computer software provides information to assist students in choosing a major and/or career. Advisors and employment resources are available to individuals of all majors and educational levels with regards to resume writing, interview tips, job search strategies and career advising.

Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities (http://www.unt.edu/csrr/)
Union 324
Provides education to the campus community on student rights and responsibilities, referrals for violations of the Student Code of Conduct, mandatory psychological or medical withdrawals, ethics and civility issues training, student reinstatements and arrest clearances.

Health Center - Student Health and Wellness Center (http://www.healthcenter.unt.edu/)
Chestnut Hall
Medical care and health education services for enrolled students. Call to schedule an appointment.

Psychology Clinic (http://www.psyc.unt.edu/clinic/)
Terrill Hall 171
Provides psychological services such as counseling, testing, and biofeedback for UNT students and the community.

Student Money Management Center (http://www.unt.edu/moneymanagement/)
Chestnut Hall 313
Offers financial planning assistance and advisement to students.
Housing & Residence Life - Assignments & Collections (http://housing.unt.edu)
Crumley Hall
Although you can make your housing payments online, you can still come into the office to make payments directly if you would like as well as coming in to ask for an extension on the payment deadline.

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